4 Elements of a Good Blog Post

There are many different types of blog, but a good blog often has certain characteristics regardless of its subject matter. Whether you are writing a movie review blog on WordPress or a personal diary blog on Tumblr, here are some elements of a good blog post that you might want to incorporate into your work:

  1. A clear subject: Step one of creating your own blog is having a clear subject and point of view. In order to attract an audience and grow your base through social shares, you need to communicate well and have a clearly defined subject matter that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. Choose topic ideas that appeal to your audience, and read other blog posts to learn from writers who are addressing similar topics.
  2. A great headline: A great blog post needs a great headline. Strong, punchy headlines will attract a reader’s attention and also generate hits if they’re well optimized for search engines. When crafting your headlines, subheadings and bullet points, take search engine optimization (SEO) into account and do some keyword research. A successful blog generally has well-written headlines that make someone want to stop and read more.

  3. A hook: Most good blog posts hook readers with a problem or issue that’s first advanced in a headline. Once into the body of a blog post, writers should set up the premise of the post succinctly with a hook that promises a reader more. Blog posts can be thought of like persuasive essays because no matter the style or subject matter, a blogger is trying to bring a reader around to seeing and agreeing with their point of view.

  4. A solution: Once you’ve established a clear subject, it’s time to offer your distinct take on the subject matter or solution to the problem you’ve raised. Readers return to blogs time and time again because they feel a connection to the blogger. They relate to the blogger’s point of view and have come to rely on their insight. The best blog posts offer a personal take on an issue or subject and clearly express a blogger’s feelings and point of view.